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NEW! WARDJet X-1530 Water Foam Cutting Machine

Greatly Increased CNC Capacity

Sureline has increased its manufacturing capability to new levels by purchasing a WARDjet X-1530 water foam cutting CNC machine.

Sureline’s WARDJet X-1530 has been engineered from the ground up for cutting foam. It is ideal for jobs ranging from a single prototype to tough industrial-size jobs cutting with precision and speed, and meeting exact specifications every time. It is highly productive, reliable, and intuitive.


Bring Us an Idea!

The process begins when you bring an idea, drawing or design that you want to make. We take that drawing and create cutting files from virtually any blueprint.

 After we program your design, we place a sheet of foam on a bed of 7" corrugated plastic that breaks up the jet's powerful stream. The nozzle moves over the sheet tracing the design outline as the jet of water cuts cleanly through the foam.




The X-1530 features a 5ft x 10ft cutting envelope. The extremely high-pressure water stream cuts effortlessly through the foam using a jet pressurized at 60,000 psi. To put that into everyday language, it travels at three times the speed of sound, as it easily cuts through foam up to 6” thick.. 

The machine harnesses the power of highly-pressurized, abrasive-free water stream operated by precision computer programming. Because the process requires a shorter lead-time than standard die-cutters required, it eliminates the need for expensive press plates. Operations are streamlined ensuring a perfect outcome every time.