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We Manufacture Foam Products
to any thickness, density or specification

We custom manufacture foam for industrial and institutional use, as well as foam for retailers and resellers in Canada.

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We're located at: 120, 225 23 Street NE, Calgary, AB Canada T2E 5S8

institutional Mattresses

We manufacture sealed seam institutional mattresses. Fluid proof, bed bug proof and easy to clean! We also produce sewn seam mattresses.



Sureline Foam provides a variety of foam products for the sport and recreation industry — from gymnastics to extreme sports. 


We offer a wide selection of high-quality furniture and upholstery foam designed and cut to your specifications. We also do custom re-upholstery.


Whether you need to ship electronics, weapons, glass, fine art, musical instruments, or other delicate items, we provide custom solutions.


We offer
Turnkey Solutions!

Bring your weirdly, wonderful, wacky idea for a custom foam product and we’ll bring it to life. We design, engineer and manufacture a wide variety of foam products. The end result? A unique, made-to-order foam product made exactly as you imagined it.

We Design    Engineer    Manufacture!

Sureline Foam Products plant
Sureline Foam Products Manufactures Seamless Foam Mattresses


Sureline Foam C3 Compression Foam Packaging Machine

C-3 Compression Foam Packaging Machine

Sureline WaterJet X1530 Precision Foam Cutting Machine

WaterJet X-1530 Precision Foam Cutting Machine

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