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Fabricating Capacity

Sureline Foam has earned a solid reputation as a supplier of quality foam products for industrial and institutional use,
as well as foam for retailers, resellers and custom markets. The company can accommodate the most challenging
fabrication requirements and production time-lines.


Sureline Foam Products has the latest fabricating equipment. However, equipment is only as effective as the technicians who operate them. We ensure that our operators are fully trained in using our high tech equipment.

Whether working from our own in-house design or a customer supplied drawing, we have the experience and expertise to fabricate even the most complex foam products with the highest levels of quality.

  • Design
  • Engineer
  • Manufacture


  • Dual Axis CNC Contour Cutters
  • Die-cutting
  • Multi-piece Finished Assembly
  • Laminating foam and other materials
  • Multi-cavity depth packaging designs
  • Slitting
  • Convoluting
  • Vertical Band Saws
  • Industrial Sewing
  • Radio Frequency Welding

Compression Packaging System

Sureline Foam Products has installed a state-of-the-art compression packaging system. It efficiently compresses and wraps foam products which simplifies shipping and reduces costs.

Mattresses • Toppers • Sheets • Cubes • More

Reduces Costs

The C3 System saves money for our clients. How does it do that?

Shipping costs are significantly reduced! Smaller orders of products like a single mattress can now be shipped by courier rather than by truck. For shipping bulk orders by truck, compressing and packaging unit items lowers the overall cost.

C3 Packaging System

  • Outputs 2+ packages per minute
  • Rolls pack a variety of foam products
  • Accommodates different lengths
  • Uses stretch wrap

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Sureline Foam Products Manufactures Seamless Foam Mattresses